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Back in the late 1930s, Popular Science was quite the read. Magazines don’t get made like this anymore, especially the advertisements. Like the full-page ad at the very end of the March 1939 issue, which sold for fifteen cents [normally a quarter]. Here it is:

BAREBACK RIDING TITLES fall to rodeo star Carl Dossey (left) because of his splendid muscular control and the fact that he keeps his mind one jump ahead of the “bronc.” But that means plenty of good old-fashioned nerve strain for Carl. “It’s tough, exciting work,” says he, “that would soon get my nerves jittery if I didn’t ease off regularly. It’s a rule with me to let up – light up a Camel every time I get a chance. Camels are mighty comforting. Most cow-punchers I know go for Camels.”

“AT TWO MILES A MINUTE on a dirt track anything can happen!” says Ernest Gesell, Jr. (right), who won a National Circuit Championship in midget auto-racing. “Skids, crashes put a big strain on my nerves.” Naturally, Ernie values steady nerves. And it’s a rule with him to give his nerves frequent rests – to let up – light up a Camel.

TWO AND ONE-HALF MILLION miles of flying without an accident! Meet Captain “Jack” Knight, United Air Lines. “I make it a firm rule to keep my nerves from getting strained and jumpy,” says Captain Knight. “Every opportunity, in the air or aground, I let up – light up a Camel. Camels are really soothing – a grand smoke!”

JOAN NELLIGAN is a proof-reader. Like so many other people in every-day occupations, she doesn’t live a hazardous life, but there’s plenty of nerve strain in the kind of close work she does. She concentrated intensely to keep mistakes from getting into print. Her rule for resting her nerves is this: “When I feel ‘nerve fag’ coming on,” she says, “I let up – light up a Camel. Camels soothe my nerves. I can smoke as many as I please. Camels are so mild. They never tire my taste!”

TOE does not advise you to smoke 6 packs of Camel, and if you already have smoked 6 packs of Camel, TOE wants you to quit it. It’s not too late.

If you have trouble with your nerves, please don’t consider smoking a cigarette, but rather do everything you can to stop what you’re doing, travel to the ocean, and take a deep breath.

You can thank us later.

March 17, 2010 3:38 pm

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