drugs side effects

while sitting at an awkward angle


Outside a chopper cuts the airspace above where I type while sitting at an awkward angle because there is no place to put my legs while I sit on this chair that is pulled up to the side of my bed. Although there is a desk right next to my bed, it’s cluttered and the space designed for my legs is taken by a machine that doesn’t function in its current state. I could throw the machine away to make space for my legs, but would that really mean I would start sitting at my desk? Probably the more rational thing to do is move the machine, which, provided I fix it, may be useful someday, only there is no place to move it unless I don’t mind forcing everyone including myself to circumnavigate its sharp corners. No, the machine is fine where it is, and the chopper has long since passed, leaving the airspace above me uncut for now.


June 13, 2017 3:22 pm

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