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Trolleying on the North Beach Trolley



Trolleying #1

Time has done what it does best: pass. To think that every second I’ve lived through has also passed. I’m on the trolley while the driver took a 5 or 6 minute break to go into the store across 71st St. “With or without you” plays on the radio. A girl in a black and white dress sings part of the song, a single verse.


The driver has boarded, the door is shutting, he buckles in and off we go east toward the Atlantic. I worked all day prepping and binding 260 notebooks. Delilah is on the radio, this is my first time listening to her on the trolley. I get close with Delilah on road trips. But I barely listen to her at any other time.

We are almost to the beach. An older woman boards with a group, she sits one row behind me, in the back, because the air conditioner is too strong in the front and she is taking care of her throat. A song on the radio croons about being in love with you. Here I am ready to run 3 miles on the beach. It’s time to smell that ocean breeze.


Same day, just finished running 3.5 miles. I added the extra 0.5 miles for no reason, it seemed like an easy way to challenge my stamina. Averaged 8’49” miles for 30 mins. Then I walked to Publix on the beach for my Lemon Ginger probiotic drink, my way to increase brain connectivity. Opted for no plastic bag, but on the sidewalk I realized I had no pockets, and with my phone and credit card and now my drink, I didn’t have enough hands, so I scooped a plastic bag that caught on the fence and returned to the beach, where I saw no moon, only Mars.

June 11, 2016 12:46 pm

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