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Taking Poetry to the Streets

Jeremiah Walton


“A way out”
A euphemism for suicide.
A euphemism for no parking
A euphemism for snakey fingers tugging oil from fledgling breasts
A euphemism for desperation.
A euphemism for labeling what people are desperate for
A man a woman a child, a flag, a junky, a pen and ink
Poet has a purree definition
Relative, coming down to the individualistic natural bomb
that we all detonate
upon writing.

Photo by Kate Bellm


I am on the shitter,
nose dripping
and lungs.
o man. If I could
go back I don’t know
what I’d change
but I’d change
That’s a good thing,
right? Now I’m
just questioning myself.
Over analyzing every conversation
because no one else will listen.
I’m not sad,
just act it.
How else am I gonna write good poetry?
The world has to make you sad.
With knowledge comes sadness
but I’m not that smart
and feeling pretty goddamn happy.
I guess the holes in my brain
were worth it.
Take me to a church
and make me fear God
because I’d rather have something to blame
than myself
and cops.

June 12, 2013 4:20 pm

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