drugs side effects

kiss = (* . *)


(the reason i use parenthesis and write in lowercase is bc i want you to hear me as a whisper)

(i sit down to have a moment to myself but my dog starts sniffing my posterior and then he licks the bottoms of my feet)

(i let him have his way with me)

(that sounds wrong)

(or is it a turn of phrase)

(how annoyed are you with my parenthesis and lowercase)

(what do you think the reading level of this story is)

(from what i understand, reading level is a combination of sentence length and word length)

(the longer the better)


(but i don’t want to waste your time)

(and i like referring to you as you)

(this is a very human thing we’re doing together)

(i’m not telling you a story, i’m talking with you)

(i hear your voice, what you’re saying to me, even though i sit in silence)

(and i know you don’t want to be labeled reader)

(tell me your name)

March 2, 2013 2:20 pm

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