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Tiny TOE Press Short Stories

Tiny TOE Press
OVERSEAS: stories
Mitchell Hagerstrom
Set in Micronesia on the island of Pohnpei during the 1980s, all five of the stories in OVERSEAS concern mehn wai (foreigners) – some expats, some brief visitors.
Shige, in Same Father, Different Mother, was born on the island before WWII and returns seeking a long lost sister. The story was written as a coda to the pillow book, Miss Gone-overseas. In Under the Flame Tree, Geneva is a short-term contract worker and a contrast to the expats in the next two stories – Field Notes and Blue Damsels – who discover magical sweet-notes in the island culture, something the tourist in Suicide is Timeless does not find soon enough.
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Inside 553
When a twenty-year-old virgin meets Julie, they go on a date into the Regenstein Library stacks, where she catches him masturbating inside 553 MENS and decides to take the situation into her own hands. But just when everything seems simple and true and good, this college love affair blows up in his face. Originally published in Literary Potpourri.
(Extrapolated from true events at the University of Chicago. Some graphic content)
ebook: $0.99
Sunset Cliffs
After staring into the contents of a trashcan on Voltaire Street, people inexplicably race to the Pacific Ocean and jump off Sunset Cliffs. The first victim in this existential mystery is a vagabond who wears a neon green cap. Who will be the next? Originally published in Outsider Ink.
(If you’ve ever lived in Ocean Beach, San Diego, the shale cliffs in this story will be familiar.)
ebook: $0.99
November 21, 2012 4:53 pm

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