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Onsite Moves :: These Are My Legs


These are my legs.
They just finished moving
from one apartment to another,
in the same complex.

People say that onsite moves are the hardest.
Back then, I couldn’t agree or disagree
because I didn’t know one way
or another.

But now I know that
onsite moves mean less packing,
but more trips back
and forth.

Onsite moves mean less planning,
but more counting
flights of stairs
and footsteps.

A roundtrip from our old place
to our new place equaled
5 flights of stairs up, 5 flights down
and 400 footsteps.

I made this trip for ten hours,
nonstop, carrying clunky furniture
to start, and boxes in the middle,
and miscellany in the end.

These legs wearied as I
reminded myself that this
weariness is what it means
to be human.

These legs are my body.
These legs are my humanity.
These legs are as old as me.
These are not my legs.

July 18, 2010 10:57 am

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