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TOE Short Story :: A Summer to Remember [Ghost Story] – Chap 6

kirsten (:

by Kirsten (age 13)

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excitementChapter 6

I woke up from my Mom’s voice.

“Wake up, sweetie,” she said. “We have to leave to get Emma in a half hour.”

I rubbed my eyes and sat up.

“Be downstairs in thirty minutes,” Mom said before leaving to wake Matthew up.

I jumped into the shower and brushed my teeth.

After, I changed into a blue t-shirt and some jeans.

It would be cold on the airplane, so I added a gray sweater.

I ran a comb through my hair and pulled my heavy luggage down the stairs.

Matthew was already down there, half asleep.

Mom handed us Hot Pockets and helped us get our luggage in the car.

Dad came down and helped, too.

Matthew and I got into the backseat while Mom and Dad got into the front.

I was so tired, but the excitement woke me up.

“I’m so excited!” I said enthusiastically.

Matthew nibbled on his Hot Pocket and stared out the window.

We started driving. It had passed 15 minutes and we pulled in front of a small, cozy little house.

A girl whom I recognized as Emma walked out of the house with a suitcase and two bags.

Dad got out of the car to help her with her luggage.

Emma gave me a bad look as she got into the car with Matthew.

Matthew and Emma sneaked a kiss and started chatting.

I knew that the airport was about an hour away, so I’d be here for a while.

I took out my book from my carry-on bag.

I pulled open to the part where I’d last left off and started reading.

I could hear Emma giggling and gossiping.

I could feel eyes digging through the side of my face.

I looked over at Matthew and Emma and they started laughing.

I turned back to my book, ignoring them.

Soon enough, It started to get quiet.

I looked over and Emma was laying her head on Matthew’s shoulder, asleep.

I put my book down, getting bored with it since I’ve read it before.

I looked out the window.

We passed by a pasture. In the pasture, cows were staring at us with droopy eyes.

I opened my bag and pulled out my mp3 player and plugged in the earphones.

The sound of Mariah Carry’s voice filled my ears.

Sometime around 9:15, we finally arrived at the airport.

A bellhop helped us with our luggage and put it on a cart.

Mom and Dad walked with us to the check-in area.

We checked ourselves in and walked to the security area.

The people there checked our pockets and then let us through.

An attendant showed us our way to Lane 3, where our airplane was.

“So you’re going to Michigan, eh?” The Canadian attendant asked us. We nodded.

We placed our luggage on the luggage wheel and I watched as our luggage took a trip away from us.

I put my carry-on bag on my bag and took a sip of my apple juice which I’d packed before we left.

“Well.. I guess this is it.” Mom said, as we got to Lane 3.

People were already getting on the plane.

“Yeah..” I would miss my kind mother and father.

I hugged my Mom tightly and then my Dad. “I will write you all the time. Make sure you write me.” Mom said with tears in her eyes.

Matthew hugged Mom and Dad. “Keep an eye on your sister, Matthew.” Dad said.

Matthew nodded and we were off.

Mom blew me a kiss and that was the last I would see of her until I got back.

Me, Matthew,and Emma walked to the Lane way and walked down the long hallway until we got onto the actual plane.

An attendant checked our Airport passes and led us to a row in the back.

“One of you is going to have to sit by themselves.” The lady said.

Emma held onto Matthew’s arm and said, “I’ll be sitting with Matthew.”

I looked at Matthew and he said, “Yeah” without even looking at me.

I sat on the seat in front of them and sighed.

I placed my carry-on bag on the seat next to me.

We waited a half-hour until our plane lifted off.

The intercom turned on and a guy with a scruffy voice started speaking, “Hello ladies and gentleman, I hope you enjoy your ride. We will be making a stop at Littleton, Tennessee, and then a final stop at Miridell, Michigan.”

Miridell was about a thirty minute drive away from Maple-ton where Aunt Marlene lived.

I can hear Emma and Matthew whispering and laughing from behind me.

On the seats next to me, a Mom and her son sat. He was Asian, from the looks of it, maybe Philippine.

I opened my bag and looked inside.

I saw my Mp3 player, my book, a baggie of pretzels, a bottle of apple juice, my drawing pad, and a pack of pencils.

Nothing caught my eye so I closed my bag and put it beneath my feet.

I looked around. Soothing, calm music seeped through the speaker.

It smells lemony fresh, like the cleaner that Mom used to clean the kitchen counter.

I looked out the window and stared onto the ground beneath us. We were hovering over a lake, maybe Lake Energy.

Obviously we were still in South Carolina.

I turned around to Matthew.

He was talking to Emma about something

He looked up. “Hey Mac.” He said with a little wave.

“Hi.” I greeted back.

“What do you want?” Emma gave me a dirty look.

“I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to my brother.”

“Mac, Emma is my girlfriend. You need to stop being to rude to her.”

“Did you just see how she looked at me? She hates me for no reason.”

Emma just shook her head casually. “That’s so not true. Ever since you first laid your eyes on me, you gave me dirty looks.”

“That is a lie!” I yelled.

“Just leave us alone, Mac.” Matthew said.

“You can’t tell me what to do.” I said.

“Just turn around and mind your own business!” Emma shouted at me.

“Shut up!” I yelled and then turned around.

“Sorry about that. She is such a brat.” I heard Matthew say.

How could Matthew like Emma more than his own sister?

I sighed and laid my head down on my lap.

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