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Facing The Open End :: An Organic Post

christopher sly

recently graduated, a whole world of possibility. san francisco, california

[c’mon, who can’t relate to this?  after nearly two decades of study, sometimes even more,  after two decades of having a purpose, we all come to face The Open End.  where do we go from here?]


[that’s one option, travel to taiwan and walk the rocks towards the sea, but all that does is bring us to a different Open End that’s really the same as the last.]


[no matter how high we climb, what rocks we scale, we’re still just looking into the great land of undefined possibility, open for anything, big enough to contain us and them, merciless and merciful.]

malaga beach

[taiwan or malaga beach, it doesn’t matter.  The same sea, the same World Ocean, the same two men with three fishing poles will be there waiting for you.]

at first i thought it was some anti-capitalist thing. but they were just remodeling the whole boardwalk. that’s spain in the distance.

[one day we find a job, and we realize how miserable we are thanks to that job.  not all of us, just most.]

triborough bridge, new york.

[we become restless.  in new york city we see what millions of wanderers have seen and either embraced or rejected.  we learn that it’s not the place that matters, it’s coping with our solitude.]

the bulb, oakland

[so we wander more, and we open the gift of love.]

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July 17, 2009 10:49 pm

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