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TOE Short Story :: jayykayy [Internet Safety] – Part 1

kirsten (:

by Kirsten (age 12)

internet pen palPrologue

ohmy667- hello
kelsey101- ? who are you ?
ohmy667- a stalker.
kelsey101- …
ohmy667- lol jayykayy.
kelsey101- so who r u?
ohmy667- im macelyn. i am 13 years old and i live in georgia. i just wanted a new computer pal.
kelsey101- oh lol. hi. i am kelsey (:
ohmy667- kelsey thats a pretty name. what state do you live in?
kelsey101- florida. not too far away from you. lawlzz.
ohmy667- haha. so are you 13 too?
kelsey101- yeah howd you know?
ohmy667- lol i used the search tab and searched for 13 yr olds. i wanted some friends my age.
kelsey101- wow cool. so whats up ?

Chapter One

I remember that conversation from a year ago. Macelyn is my best friend. Even though I haven’t ever seen her in real life. She is so nice and will listen to anything I have to say. My brother, Kail, says its dangerous but Macelyn isn’t dangerous. I know she isn’t. She is just a 13 year old like me.

I’d just gotten home from school. Schools on Thursdays were quite calm so there wasn’t much of a story.

I roughly threw my bookbag on my bed and ran towards the computer. A message popped up right away.

ohmy667- kels! haha how was school?
kelsey101- mace! it was good. but i got in trouble for chewing gum.. but that was it. hbu?
ohmy667- it was good. i won my volleyball tournament… so did you win your soccer game last night?
kelsey101- noo. but our next game is on monday. the gainesville leopards will WIN this time.
ohmy667- gainsville leopards ? haha thats cool we are the wildcats.
kelsey101- cool. my next game is next week on monday.
ohmy667- monday? what time ?
kelsey101- 3:30 pm.. why?
ohmy667- so when your done i can mssg you and see how you did. lol. im not a stalker or anything rofl.
kelsey101- i know . your just macey. your my best friend you know that?
ohmy667- your mines too. (:
kelsey101- (: okay i have to finish my hw. cya later mace!
ohmy667- bye kelsey.
kelsey101 logged off.
ohmy667- see you next monday .

I ran to my bed and opened up my bookbag. I thought about Macelyn. I wonder what she was learning about in school.
I wrote my name at the top of the paper and started on my fractions.

July 15, 2009 2:04 pm

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