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TOE Poetry :: America

mr babylon

by Mr Babylon


Our grand experiment in democracy has failed,
as the potential republic has grown fat and decadent.
A half century of boundless consumption and
a half century of expanding ignorance
have led to the American dream vanquished
and the Yankee spirit tarnished.
This is a tragedy that festers
in the hearts of the self aware,
an open wound reminding us
that man’s ideals have faltered once again
in the face of greed and power.

Out of our isolation we roared
hell bent to redress European wrongs
with the virtues of democracy and
the mantra of self-determination.
Now green Germans and French intellectuals
reformist Brits and red Italians
sit at an ornate table overshadowing colonial crimes
and cheer the cultural zeniths of their enlightened past
while they level claims of imperialist, aggressor, and brute
against the youthful nation they passed their horrid legacy to.

June 19, 2009 2:25 pm

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