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World in Miniature :: Nine Examples of Fake Tilt-Shift Photography



Due to the high cost of tilt-shift lenses and the demand for the miniature images they produce, programs like Photoshop and Gimp have made it possible for people to take any snapshot and, in theory, adjust its properties so as to render it toy-like.  The manipulated image has been given the rather obvious name of fake tilt-shift, which basically involves selective blurring to simulate a narrow depth of field.

As I said, in theory any snapshot in your album of photos could be made miniature, but Bitwalk, who has worked with this post-processing technique, recommends the following:

1. The scene. It’s very important to pick a scene that the brain would take for a model. Try to exclude people with extreme poses, certain vehicles that wouldn’t fit in etc.

2. Angle. Ideally I think it should look like you are looking down a display case. So not too steep or shallow.

For those of you who not only lack the expendable income to buy a tilt-shift lens, but also the determination and time to transform your photos into models, tiltshift maker does the work for you.

In the meantime,

Bonzai Tree by ripfire44

GrassTS by wohba.com

Eiffel Tilt-Shift II by Hanna Maria & Arnar

Fake tilt-shift lens effect by JanneM

“Public Space”, Tilt-Shift Fake, New York by Northcountry Boy

Tilt shift Greece – Santorini (la) by Maciek 1955

Bridge in spain by jamble

DMZ Tilt Shift – North Korea Panmunjon 북한 by Eric Lafforgue

Second attempt at Tilt/Shift by ST€VE BROWN

February 9, 2009 10:13 am

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