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Where to Eat :: Two Italian Restaurants


Case and point

Two Italian restaurants, X and Y, one across the street from the other.

Both serve typical Italian fare with a typical Italian ambiance, but X is staffed with Italians while Y is culturally diverse.

More specifically, X employs an Italian man robed in Roman garb to beg passersby on the street for their business. Y employs a Latin girl wearing Saran wrap to do the same.

X employs a pack of Italian servers, each shouting Italian words and kissing their fingers. Y, a mix of Latin, American, and Asian servers.  None speak Italian.  None kiss their fingers or even care to know what kissing fingers means.

X employs a hefty Italian chef with an Italian soux.  They are sweaty with a lot of hair on their head and face.  Y, a Mexican chef with German soux, equally hairy and sweaty.

Under these circumstances, two Italian restaurants directly across the street from each other.

X, completely Italian. 

Y, culturally diverse.

Both rated equally well in Zagat and other local publications. 

Both priced the same.

Under these circumstances, let’s run a little social experiment here:

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As always, your comments/justifications are greatly appreciated.  Buon Appetito!

September 26, 2009 3:16 pm

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