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Wynwood Art Walk :: January 2009


3238995857_ba56533aa3alex yanes3239834718_ff02fd446dtodji kurtzman

On the second Saturday of every month, the Wynwood District in Miami, Florida is home to a cultural event that has been gathering momentum ever since 2002, when Art Basel decided to travel from Switzerland and officially grace the magic city with its presence.  I’m talking about Art Walk.

The reason why I still attend the event on a regular basis is because there is always easy, free parking available in the heart of the galleries, and once you park it’s brisk walking after that.  I should also mention that the wine, champagne, and beer are free too, as well as the snack spreads, but it’s really the parking that makes this event feasible in my books, especially since I’ve made it a tradition to carry in tow a big bottle of Baltika 9 bought from my local liquor store:  The sparkle just works better.

Due to the regularity of the event, I’ve decided to make it a habit to post some of the artwork I digest, some of which is quite stimulating even without a statement from the artist.

El mar esta bravo by Gerard Ellis

Llegada a Viena by Ignacio Goitia

Untitled by Alex Yanes

Monument in Right Feet MajorTodji Kurtzman

Massa ConfusaScherer and Ouporov

Madam ButterflyJohn Westmark

Creo en Vivir, No en SobreviverRaquel Paiewonsky

Untitled by Unknown artist

(I would blame the Baltika 9 for my carelessness, but the truth is that there was no plaque to inform me of either the title of the painting or the artist, and no curator was in sight.)

Untitled by Unknown artist

(Okay, this time you can blame the Baltika 9 – I’m just being honest.  That said, you should know that I always go to Wynwood with my designated driver.  Don’t drink and drive.)

January 30, 2009 5:32 pm

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