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The Story Of A Polished Piece Of Meteorite



Palasite class meteorite – the green yellow transparent minerals in this sample are the mineral olivine which makes up most of the upper mantle of the Earth, while the metal parts are an iron nickle alloy, minerals in the alloy are Kamacite (Iron with 7.5% Nickle) and Taenite (Iron with 25% Nickle).

To get a mixture of the iron nickle alloy and olivine this meteorite came from a small protoplanet from the dawn of our solar system that melted from the original chondrite material and separated into an iron alloy and silicate phases (core and mantle). Towards the end of the protoplanet’s life it experienced a very violent collision with another body and forced the contact between the core and the mantle to become perturbed via shockwaves from the impact- hence the mixing.

Impacts like this lead to bigger and bigger bodies and eventually the terrestrial planets… so this is kind of a baby picture of the Earth.

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December 29, 2015 8:58 pm

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