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10 Reasons I Decided To Retire – Arnold Buss


This week I heard the psychologist Arnold Buss speak at UT.

He was very entertaining; the crowd was fully engaged.

I thought I’d share his final words, since they were quite funny and seemed to resonate with everyone around me.

I’ll conclude by offering 10 reasons I decided to retire:

1.  I kept thinking it’s still the 20th century

2.  I lost faith that my body was made by an intelligent designer

3.  My chairman kept looking at me in the past tense

4.  My colleagues started treating me with respect

5.  Students were shocked that I read journals printed on paper

6.  I realized that my computer is the work of the devil

7.  I came up with an interesting new idea but discovered I had published an article on it 20 years ago

8.  I gave the same lecture twice in a row

9.  I gave the same lecture twice in a row

10.  I came into work one day and couldn’t remember why, so I decided to retire

Here’s a descriptive narrative of his 6 decades in psychology: Arnold Buss

October 15, 2010 4:58 pm

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