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Not a Robot, But a Ghost – Andrew Bird


The mindblowing Andrew Bird – a classically trained violinist and indie whistler extraordinaire!

This song comes from Noble Beast, his fifth solo album, which he’s currently touring the world to showcase.

I run the numbers through the floor
Here’s how it goes
I crack the codes I crack the codes
That end the war
The Hour

I pushed a note under your door
Here’s how it goes
Things come to blows
But we don’t want this anymore
No, we don’t want this anymore
I crack the codes you end the war

I hear the clockwork in your core
Time strips the gears till you
Forget what they were for
I push the numbers through your pores
I crack the codes I crack the codes
To end the war

How’s my living
You can call
Encrypted numbers
On bathroom stalls

There’s something burning
It casts a pall
It’s melting numbers right
Off the walls

May 4, 2009 2:09 am

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