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Power of Prayer :: Michael Brewer Burn Victim


art gun powderOn the news, I learned of a terrible event. A horror story that made me wonder about the quality of people I share this planet with.

Here’s how it went:

Michael Brewer [15] owed Matthew Bent [15] $40 for a video game.

Worried that Brewer wouldn’t pay, Bent attempted to steal Brewer’s father’s bicycle as collateral.

Brewer thwarted the theft, and his parent’s called the cops, putting Bent in juvie for too brief a time.

Shortly after, Bent and his droogs snuck up on an unsuspecting Brewer poolside. Bent ordered Jeremy Jarvis [13] to pour rubbing alcohol on the lounging Brewer, and then someone named Jesus Mendez [15] set him ablaze.

MOE stands for Money Over Everything:

Brewer ran into the swimming pool to save his life, but he had already suffered severe burn wounds almost everywhere except his face.

I’m talking about deep burns that landed him in Jackson-Memorial Hospital, drugged into numbness to fight the excruciating pain fire dealt.

Had he not covered his face with a cloth and run headlong into a nearby swimming pool, he could very well be dead.

On the news, I listened to Brewer’s parents being interviewed.

His father, who wore a Marines cotton tee,

mentioned something along the lines of comeuppance,

but mostly Brewer’s parents weren’t concerned with the judicial sentence Bent and his droogs – who are being tried as adults for their damnable behavior – have to look forward to.

Brewer’s parents were strictly concerned with the health and recovery of their child.

The power of prayer:michael-brewer

His mother told TV Land that people’s prayers have, without a doubt, helped Brewer’s condition improve.

She didn’t equivocate when she said this.

Without people’s prayers, her son’s life would be in jeopardy. Left only to science and medicine, her son’s life would be up in the air.

After all, science and medicine only carry half the bird.

Science and medicine comprise only one wing.

Faith, prayer, goodness, and irrational, unsupported beauty-

that’s the other wing. Takes two to fly. Two wings, two flaps

carry the bird into flight.

She knew prayers helped Brewer [her son] recover at an accelerated rate compared to the collective Doctor’s grim assessment. She knew.

This got me thinking about prayer, about the power of internalizing all that is good in you,

all that is honest in you, all that is magnanimous and pure,

and sending it out into the world with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Forgive me, please, if I fail to make sense.

Wings, birds, cinnamon

but in a world of prayer, there’s little need to make sense.

All that matters are intentions.

By the way, this post doubles as a prayer for Michael Brewer’s speedy recovery as well as a prayer asking that a similar incident never happen again.



November 18, 2009 6:29 pm

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