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Deep Thought #10


While sitting inside the red car that has carried me nearly 100,000 miles, I read Saramago’s Death with Interruptions and begin to think about the origin of life, because I do believe there is only one origin, not two or three or four, but one. From this single origin came life as we know it, or rather, as I know, life as I know it, because the life that you know is without a doubt very different from the life I know. You have only to consider my eyesight compared to yours, my strength compared to yours, my hearing compared to yours, my location compared to yours, my health compared to yours, my history compared to yours to understand that we know life differently. We have different viewpoints, different stories, different networks. But I am out to say more than just that we’re different. The reason why I stopped reading Saramago’s Death with Interruptions, which I find highly entertaining, to open my MSi Wind and write in my Everything Computer.txt, is because I felt a need to say that I believe in a unifying energy that I happen to call Dear Lord simply because I was raised Catholic. I am a cradle Catholic, as I‘ve said before, and there is nothing I can do to change this, barring time travel and heavy persuasion. But I do not want to change this. I am who I am. I am what I am. I am how I am. And I enjoy nothing more in life than working with who, what, and how I am. To change any of these birth rights would only leave me without any sense of identity. Not that I have a strong sense of identity, but at least I know who, what, and how I am, as I am, at the age of 30, which is no different than any other age except for the fact that I‘ve lost a heartbeat in my MHR, which is a nifty acronym for Maximum Heart Rate. Again I‘ve been derailed by my own meandering mind. Let me get back on course. The reason why I stopped reading Saramago while I sit in the red car that has carried me for nearly 100,000 miles, is because I felt a strong need to say that I believe there is an explanation for all things in life. There is a scientific explanation for everything. As time moves in however many directions it moves in at once, forward being one of them, our collective human minds will discover explanations for everything that was previously unexplainable, mysterious, unknown. Summits will reunite, labs will stay in business, artists will continue to create until everything, even the most obscure and unreachable, has been pinpointed. People will have the answers, or they will be able to source the answers. This will happen with or without belief in a unifying force that I, because of my Catholic upbringing, happen to call Dear Lord.

Frequency of the word I = 35.

February 28, 2010 11:40 am

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