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TOE Short Story :: jayykayy [Internet Safety] – Part 3

kirsten (:

by Kirsten (age 12)

internet pen palChapter Four

I walked downstairs and glanced at Kail, who sat glumly at the dinner table.
I pulled up a chair and joined my family.

“So… What are you planning on doing with your father this weekend?”

My parents were divorced and me and Kail spent every other weekend with Dad.
He picks us up from school on Friday during those weekends and Mom picks us up on Sunday night.

“Well, I have to practice for my soccer game since we didn’t do so well on the last one.” I said, picking up my corn with my fork.

“What about you, Kail?” Mom turned to Kail who moved his corn around on his plate.
“I think I’m going to Alex’s house.”
“Don’t you want to spend some time with your dad?”
“Not really.”

Kail Edmund Paylune! Don’t ever say that. He is your father and he loves you.”
“Oh, really? He loves me? That’s a new one.”

Mom sat with nothing else to say.

The reason for Kail’s little argument was that Dad was never a nice person.
He always hit Kail, just for the stupidest things.
Never me, though. Which is why Kail isn’t nice to me either.

My family isn’t really perfect. That’s why I spend so much time on the computer, with Macelyn, to get away from my problems.

Now, Kail is starting to smoke because he has depression problems or whatever he wants to call it.

My life isn’t really the way I want it so I really need Mace right now. She helps me stand up when I’ve fallen.

I moved my plate away and got up. “I’m not hungry anymore.”

Kail, there’s no need to get everyone in a depressed mood.” I heard Mom mumble as I walked away.

Chapter Five

I walked to my room, upset.

I looked at the computer screen and found three new IMs.

ohmy667- hello???
ohmy667- i just KNEW you would do this
ohmy667- just dont ever IM me again….

I sighed and started typing.

kelsey101- macey sorry my mom called me for dinner.
kelsey101- come on… im sorry
kelsey101- fine… heres a pic..

I opened up my picture files and found a picture of me in my soccer uniform with my brother standing next to me.
I clicked it and copied it to the IM conversation.
I moved my mouse toward the ‘send’ button and clicked it.

I waited a few minutes until Macelyn finally replied.

ohmy667- your really pretty.
kelsey101- thanks.
ohmy667- heres me..

A picture of a pretty brown haired girl popped up. She had light freckles and dark brown eyes.
A dog smiled happily below her.

kelsey101- your sooo pretty!!
ohmy667- thanks.
kelsey101- and im sorry for being mean ..
ohmy667- its okay.
kelsey101- okay well im going to bed.
ohmy667- okay bye.

I logged off and changed into my pajamas.

I’m glad that me and Mace are friends again.
I’m just not sure if I should of sent that picture.

July 25, 2009 5:40 pm

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