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Thomas Bernhard Quotes


This makes her the exact opposite of myself:  all my life I have been inconspicuous, not modest – that would be quite the wrong word – but inconspicuous and essentially retiring.


We only control what we ultimately find ridiculous, only if we find the world and life upon it ridiculous can we get any further, there is no other, no better, method.

-Old Masters:  A Comedy

I had to spend my entire childhood in the Altensam dungeon like an inmate doing time for no comprehensible reason, for a crime he can’t remember committing, a judicial error probably.


I did not want to be anything, and naturally I did not want to turn myself into a mere profession:  all I ever wanted was to be myself.

-Gathering Evidence

I have the feeling:  my nose is made up of an infinite number of little sucker nozzles.


May 19, 2009 7:25 am

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