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dom schwab



Curl up upon me:
Be the weight atop my chest;
hold me down &
keep me safe within this bed
where I can lie
beneath you, love, & hold you
extra tight…

a night in is always
a night in with somebody,
               even if that body is my own.



A story has a beginning and an end
with middling stuff in between.
We like them because they start intriguingly
and end either intriguingly, satisfyingly, or both.

Life, of course, is a continuance of stories
which collectively overlap and intersect.

Every person’s life is a coincidence,
but when it comes to living what you love,
remember this truth: There will always be
someone with a better story than you.


Finally Fall

I’ve had enough of people’s stupidity,
so I’m going to tell you how I feel.
You and I are different, special, unique,
so I’m coming out of my shell for you.

While his vision may have been “egoless,”
I think it takes a lot of ego to write this:
“It means I’ve become a Buddha” (Kerouac, 145).

Now you say you don’t feel this way,
that “this isn’t what I wanted it to be.” Well,
I’m bummed by our ending, but not devastated.

As I’ve done three times already, I’ll pack my life
and leave my town with a hopeful heart to create
something beautiful, even if it’s never seen or known.
If given an inch, I won’t just survive: I’ll thrive!

AUTHOR BIO:: dom schwab is a reader/writer of poetry/prose. dom is gay, GQ w/ no pronoun preference, a vegetarian, and lives in Chicago. dom’s most recent work has appeared in Zoomoozophone Review’s female/non-gender-conforming Issue 5, Boscombe Revolution Issue 3: Revolution & Gender, and JunkYard Kool, an anthology presented by Kool Kids Press.

January 8, 2020 4:08 pm

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