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I Hate Alarm Clocks, Too


Alarm clocks are not meant to be tolerated. The sound of an alarm clock puts my mood off. Life sleeping next to an alarm clock is, at least for me, the worst kind of circumstance for sleeping. Consider only the origin of the device.

An alarm signifies emergency. Air sirens are alarms, smoke detectors are alarms, police sirens are alarms. These devices are intentionally noisome in order to serve the purpose of making its listeners react in a specific way suitable for coping with emergencies.

Alarm clocks are no different.

The irritating noise pulsing bedside, whether its a grating beep! beep! beep! or the purl of water across a riverbed, means that you have to react in a specific way that allows you to cope with the emergency that is your workday.

After years of listening to the same intrusive sound come morning, it’s easy to forget the beauty that surrounds you at the start of a new day. Oftentimes this is because an alarm clock means waking up before sunrise, or while the day is still too dark to appreciate.

What a shame, to allow the distractions of your workday to consume you without even giving yourself a chance to see nature rising. Do everything you can to change this.

Do everything you can to nix the sound of the alarm clock from your life. Work on this just as earnestly as you work on minimizing your commute time.

July 4, 2009 10:21 am

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