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A sunny day at Heathrow

Samantha Memi

Heathrow Airport looked out on a beautiful sunny day. The sky was blue, the sun was hot, and all was well with the world. Flying overhead, a pretty Boeing 747 was looking forward to landing when it saw a fleecy white cloud so pretty and alluring its wings fluttered with anticipation.

Hello pretty cloud, said the Boeing

Hello pretty airplane, said the cloud, and she blushed bright pink, embarrassed at speaking so openly to an aircraft.

The Boeing circled the airport and came back to the cloud.

Ooh, said the cloud, I didn’t expect you back so soon.

How could I stay away from you, smooched the plane, and he embraced her with his wings, and his undercarriage fell and she opened herself to his big wheels and pistons, and she sighed as he roared with his 250,000 pounds thrust. Heart shaped puffs of condensation floated from her.

But a thunder cloud grumbled with jealousy. He’d been in love with the fluffy white cloud ever since he’d seen her blushing in the sunrise that morning.

Aaaargh! He roared and spat venom into the air till a lightning bolt flew out in a streak of fire and hit the plane. The Boeing went bo-ing and all the passengers went duh-ing and everything in the plane rattled and shook.

The pretty white cloud glared at the thunder cloud and shouted, You horrible cloud, what a nasty thing to do.

I’ll teach ‘em who’s boss round here, said the black soul of thunder. He roared again, and spat fire and water at the same time.

Aaaargh! he shouted like the spirit of an evaporated pirate. And the Boeing went bo-ing for the second time.


Amy McMafeking sat in the arrivals lounge waiting for her daughter to arrive from Beijing. She looked out the window as the lightning hit the plane and it’s engine caught fire. Oh dear, she thought, I hope that’s not my daughter’s plane. Then the plane crashed in a ball of flame and she couldn’t think, but stood frozen in terror.

The sky opened up in a thunderstorm and a fluffy white cloud was seen scurrying away.


Air accident officials said it was unusual for lightning to cause a plane to crash, but on this occasion an engine had received a direct hit and the hydraulic controls had been put out of action.

Among the survivors was Laura McMafeking, who now refuses to fly, even on sunny days.

October 11, 2013 9:04 pm

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