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Worst Week Ever :: Feel Better


On June 28th, 2009, for reasons that I’d prefer to keep private, I queried worst week ever in Google Images because I was down and out and needed to feel better post haste. I didn’t have what it took to recover on my own; no, I needed to see other people having a bad time.  Call it gloating, call it schadenfreude, whatever it was, it worked.

No meds were necessary either.  Who needs meds when there’s Dr Google to prescribe what you need?

15th result:

So, if you’re still not over your worst week ever, or if you’re having one as you read this post, scroll down, and feel better.

1st result:

2nd result:

4th result:

Try these other prescriptions:

shittiest person alive [Barack Obama is 6th]

stupidest man in the world [Man holding a cobra in each hand is 1st and 2nd]

miserable failure [George Bush spoof is 1st]

ugliest man/woman [Steve Buscemi is 15th/Rosie O’Donnell spoof is 2nd]

worst decision ever [Man holding an ‘OJ is GUILTY’ sign is 3rd]

June 29, 2009 10:00 am

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