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Here’s What I Learned Today


1.  4-on-4 volleyball, like society, requires the individual player to submit to the rule of the majority. 

2.  I complain too much.

3.  The sound of waves mutes everything else.

4.  Simple garden work dirties your hands and cleanses your soul.

5.  Jack Kerouac died before he could put the finishing touches on The Duluoz Legend.

6.  I live 4 ft above sea level.

7.  The power to shit magic mushrooms isn’t limited to cows.  Elk can, too.

8.  A foolproof way to save a dying species is to make it sacred.

9.  Lupines are wild and beautiful.

10.  Sheds are great places to hang out. 

11.  The only reason I prefer a dishwasher over hand washing is because of the rack.

July 6, 2009 9:10 pm

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