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THC Talks Tax Hemp


Dear Person:

Where should I begin? Well, for one, today I got two bar stools for ten bucks at a garage sale. So they wouldn’t tear up the carpet, I cut slits in 8 tennis balls and plugged them on 8 rusty chrome legs. I’m sitting on these walkers now, and I’m happy to be sitting on them.

I also walked into a head shop and found a flier that caught my eye because it seemed to make some kind of sense. I don’t think the writers of this flier would mind if I do a little plagiarizing.




HEMP for the


Re-Legalize Hemp

If hemp were re-legalized and taxed at the same rate as pipe tobacco, over 1/2 a billion dollars could be raised annually for Texas schools. If it were taxed at the same rate as cigarettes (which pose the greatest health hazard to most Texans) over a billion dollars could be raised.

Hemp relieves the side effects or symptoms of glaucoma, AIDS, cancer, chemotherapy, migraine, muscular dystrophy, PMS, asthma, and other medical problems.

Hemp plants could replace all fossil fuel and their by-products, reducing pollution. One acre of hemp produces the same amount of paper as four acres of trees, four times a year, at 1/4 the cost of wood pulp paper and with 1/5 the pollution.

Flip Side:




A legally regulated hemp crop would yield billions of dollars in tax revenue.

A new hemp industry would replace thousands of jobs being lost today in the wood pulp industry and in other agricultural & industrial occupations, saving thousands of acres of U.S. forests and forests around the world.

Over 300,000 Americans a years are arrested for marijuana possession, at a cost of $840,000,000 to taxpayers.

Texas prison costs are skyrocketing because we jail nonviolent hemp offenders. Once-productive citizens become wards of the state, sometimes along with their families.

Hemp is the Number One $$ crop in California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Missouri, and North Carolina and the Number Two $$ crop in Texas. Hemp has been safely used by humans for thousands of years, for fiber, fuel, food and medicine.

And there are only two sides two this flier. It’s lime green, like my 8 tennis balls, which I’m liking more every second. Oh yeah, this flier was made by the TEXAS HEMP CAMPAIGN, known in some quarters as the THC.

July 24, 2010 4:40 pm

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