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The Fall

Mitch Manning

I want to be a stream of water falling
Caught in the rush of a million falling drops
All of us hovering between the flowing river
Above and the quiet river far below.

For these few moments of suspension, our entire
Existence unfolds; between these two bodies.
We small drops set out to make our lives
to find love, to be loved, to escape

Our sure fate for even just a moment.
We million falling drops shimmer
In defiance, a dazzling resistance set
Against the background of jagged wet rock.

Fall, fall million little drops –
falling is all we can do, its all we know.

Among us, only a few will choose to change
Course, veering off to a rocky crevice
Or the leaf of an outstretched plant,
Escaping from the endless plummeting souls

To start our own cycle. But despite
All effort and free will, we all
Find ourselves back in the great basin
from where we came – making our way through

roots and earth, returning to our source.

July 8, 2011 5:55 pm

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