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Tin Salamunic :: A Gallery


Be sure to keep it locked on TOE for Friday’s exclusive interview with Tin Salamunic.

Born in Bosnia and raised in Germany, Salamunic now makes his living as an award-winning, globally published illustrator and Professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University.

Unlike many artists whose work is (and should be) definitively separated into sketches, finished creative pieces, and finished commissioned pieces, Salamunic should be taken in with what he does best- a little bit of everything.  Imagination and child-like fantasy can be found in his Fred Safari and graphic novel characters. Draftsmanship and clever composition are revealed in full-color pieces.  But what piques my interest most are his more personal portrayals of individuals and the emotions evoked by their expressions and gestures.

His well-practiced use of line and handle of the human figure make even his everyday sketches captivating.  Notice how intuitively placed splashes of red and white become highlights and backdrops for the frameworks provided by Salamunic’s skilled strokes.

Become familiar with his work. Just click the top left thumbnail to start a slideshow, which includes official titles when given and our own interjected titles when unavailable. Enjoy:


::For more from the artist, visit him at http://www.salamunicart.com/::

July 29, 2009 10:49 pm

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