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The Giver


photo by Mike Kelly

“Hey Phil.  Phil!  We need a couple of shots here.  One for me and one for the birthday girl.”

“OK, what would you like?”

“What shot do you want, Melissa? I like Cuervo.  Phil, how much is a shot of Cuervo?”

“I’m not sure, let me check.”

“It had better not be like $9.”

“One second.  Sorry, it’s $9 a shot.”

“Eh, maybe we don’t need shots.  Alright, alright.  How about two for one for the birthday girl, Phil?”

“Um.  I don’t think I can do that.  I’m new and I already got you all a free round.”

“Fine, Phil.  But can you give us a little extra.”

“A little extra?”

“Just, you know, instead of a shot glass give us a couple of those rock glasses about yay full.”

“I will try.”

“You’re the man, Phil.  You guys like Cuervo?  I love it but it’s so damn expensive.  I got us a deal, though, so it’s cool.  Phil is working it for us.”

“I’m sorry, the bartender says he can’t use a different glass.”

“Phil, you’re killing me.  Fine, just give us shot glasses.  But I want to see those overflowing.”


“Damn.  Hey, who wants to chip in on these shots?  We gotta get Melissa sooo drunk.  I did my part.”

“Here you go: two overflowing shots of Cuervo.”

“To the birthday girl!  You don’t want yours?”

June 19, 2009 1:01 am

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