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Sax Description in Italian

Al Billings

The saxophone has stayed invented from Adolphe Sax (from which the sax has taken the name) toward the 1840. It is a wind instrument in brass of the family of the “woods” (in reason of his reed), from the conic-parabolic form, endowed with holes that closen is been able to through buffers in skin. Is composed from a flared bell, from the breech and from the body, in which comes to get jammed and settle down the crook. The mouthpiece provided of reed adjusts to the muff of cork glued to the extreme smaller part than the crook. The sound has caused from a simple reed, tongue of reed fixed under the mouthpiece from a binding: the reed has put in vibration from the puff of the instrumentalist that beats against the mouthpiece. There is different kind of reeds that varies according to their flexibility.

The saxophone has appeared for the first time in concert in a work of Hector Berlioz, February 3, 1844. A year later had introduced in the military gangs. Adolphe Sax taught the saxophone to conservatory from Paris from the 1858 at 1870, this class was unfortunately dam for economic motives. Will need wait the 1942 for his reopening on new bases, thank you to Claude Delvincourt and above all to Marcel Mule, the authoritative founder of a classical school of admired saxophone and follows in all the world. Is Georges Bizet that has employed for first with happened the saxophone, in the 1873, after of him Georges Kastner, Ambroise Thomas and Jules Massenet, Richard Strauss, Ravel, Shoenberg, Berg, Bernstein Gershwin and other.

This page has devoted the music Jazz and to one of the musical instrument that they have done it big, the saxophone. That doesn’t remove that you in these pages could find information on other musical kinds also. The Jazz is an open music, varied, much more than as the people thinks. The Contemporary Jazz any is the demonstration. Not at random the “soundtrack” The column that accompanies this site is a passage that of “jazz taste” would seem have little. If define is equal to threshold, we leave rigid subdivisions from part: the music doesn’t know limits, is in continuous evolve, no musician has isolated from the environment that surrounds it and, who more who less, result some influenced. The common denominator will always be and however the sax, most beautiful invention of the man after the hot water.

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