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Alfredo Triff :: Delirio


YouTube says:

This film interpretation of the Alfredo Triff song conjures memories of lost love and unbearable desire within an eternal night on the crowded and lonely streets of Miami.

Shot in Wynwood, Calle Ocho and South Beach, featuring contemporary troubador singer Roberto Poveda. “Delirio” is a critically acclaimed song from the 2007-released album “Boleros Perdidos” by Alfredo Triff.

I miss Miami. I miss the blue skies and the salinity. I miss shaving off most of my hair–and without taking a shower–running into the ocean and scrubbing my bare head clean. I miss searching for perfect seashells. I miss looking at life while shoulder-high in seawater.

The tropics.

If you’re there, don’t ever leave.

July 19, 2010 9:20 am

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