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Bahamas Pictures :: Nassau


TOE goes places so you don’t have to.  Enjoy!

Under the Sea, a wrought-iron fence in Nassau.

Humps for 500 ft, a funny sign that inspired the Black Eyed Peas.

Bad Dogs, a warning to all wanderers and the World’s Strongest Men.

Imperial, a conch fritters’ house open 23 hours, 7 days a week.

Shanty shop in Nassau that – hint, hint – isn’t always open.

mr fun's kids club

Mr Fun’s Kids Club.  Learn your ABCs and 123s with Spiderman and Ariel.

Keep the Bahamas clean, green, and pristine… It starts with you!

Shotokan Karate Bahamas.  This is where I got my ass kicked.

Goodman’s Bay Corporate Centre, the site of a tremendous scandal in 2008.

Two birds and Cuban cigars.

Condominiums in the Bahamas, or timeshares.

Water Spire featured in smash hit summer movie.

Bay Street, Nassau.

Traffic cop in elegant attire.

Tennis courts with no net.

Nassau pad sporting flag.  This house has a view of the ocean.

Purple flowers that have a more scientific name.

Nassau Beach Dogs and Lovers Skipping Rocks.

Construction in the Bahamas.

Island Paint.

island paint

Island Paint II

Bahama for Obama cotton tees.

Bahamas Cruise Ships, an important industry in the islands.

The fuzz painted something tropical.

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