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Two Gates, Two Buffets, and Real Wealth


[This is a letter in response to an earlier post-

Warren Buffet :: Philanthropic Pledge.]

Dear Warren,

I was moved by your letter to commit your wealth to worldly causes. I admire your sincerity to committing your wealth, but question your earnest reasons for doing so. If you truly want to help people, then I challenge you and the Gates family to establish a well-funded foundation with the express marching orders to rid America of the ills of American politics. Establish an organization that will fight against campaign donations, period. I dream of a time when there are no political parties throwing billions a year into a frying pan and cooking up the politics of their choice. I dream of a time when advertising through private or party donation is illegal. I dream of the time when the Kerrys- and McCains-types cannot buy their senate seats because of their wives’ families. Money and revolution are the only two options we have avaliable for setting America back on the right track.

It has been said too many times lately: Capitalism is the ill of America, when we all know that the real problems come from the pens of those hallowed halls that are lined with the sweaty fingers of the uber, corporate rich. It has been said, “give the poor food and you feed them, but give them knowledge and you teach them to grow their own food.” America’s freedom is being starved and choked by those old-timers that are similar, but very unlike, you. So, I beg you not to throw billions down a wasting bottomless pit.

Build. . . rebuild. . . America to its real wealth. . . the true beacon of freedom. . . for every enslaved soul to reach out to. Even those here, in America.

I ask you, why must a person sell his/her soul to either the Republicans or the Democrats to lead this country? Furthermore, is that person selling his/her soul right for this country? Who knows? Because if he/she is successful, they would have either sold their soul to the Democrats or the Republicans already, and we know they both tell you how to think, what to say, and (moreover) how to vote.

We saw all the proof of this that we need during the health care bill.

September 23, 2010 2:24 pm

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