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Five Ways to Win Her Pet’s Approval


honeyed cat

I’m going to go out on a ledge and say that women like it when their pets take an avid interest in the people they bring around the house.

If you plan on making a winning impression on a woman who owns a pet, you better hope that her pet likes you right from the start.

Because believe me,

if her dog starts to bark at you, or her cat scratches you without warning, or her little cute puppy drops some urine on your shoes and walks away when you reach down to give it love, your impression is permanently scarred.

You become suspicious, untrustworthy, stained.

No matter how much she likes you,

her pet’s first reaction will set the tone for the future of your relationship together.

And maybe female pet owners are onto something. Maybe there’s some truth in a pet’s assessment of character.

But even if there isn’t, it doesn’t matter because women who own pets will never ever believe otherwise.

Their dog understands every word they say.

Their cat gives them warmth when they need it most.

A woman’s pet is her constant companion. A witness of her every action. A survivor and a listener. An unfailing judge of moral rectitude and loyalty.

Of course, this also means that if a woman’s pet likes you, you’re absolutely golden.

As golden as Benjamin Braddock.

If a woman’s pet likes you, give yourself a pat on the back because you deserve it.

You’ve passed where others have miserably failed.

But how can you be confident that you will always impress a woman’s pet?

How can you knock on her door, hear her dog bark, her cat’s footfalls, and be certain that no matter what kind of pet she has, you will succeed in winning its affection,

and therefore her deepest approval?

1. Stay Cool

Before you knock on her door, take a deep breath, collect yourself, wet your lips, ease your shoulders and spread your TOEs inside your shoes. Smile to yourself, even laugh a little, understand just how happy you are to be on her landing, and then make your presence known.

Her pet will immediately sense how relaxed your body, mind, and heart are. In turn,

her pet will also become relaxed in body, mind, and heart. There will be no tension in the room because you will be fluid, in control of yourself and the moment.

2. Keep Your Arms Hanging

Rather than keeping your hands in your pockets, let your arms hang limply at your sides. But don’t make any abrupt movements with your hands.

Don’t reach down to pet her constant companion prematurely,

let her pet become comfortably acquainted. The trick is knowing when to say hello.

If you reach down to pet her cuddly judge and ask, “What’s his/her name?” too early,

you risk having her pet run to safety, which tends to be around the woman’s ankles.

How embarrassing.

The last thing you want is for her pet to be scared because you moved too soon.

Time it right, and be patient.

Keep your arms hanging harmlessly at your side until her pet completes its olfactory inspection and looks at your face.

Only then should you introduce yourself more intimately.

3. Focus on Her Pet, Not Her

This is important. I’m not suggesting you ignore her, but definitely make it clear that you don’t take this first impression lightly.

Her pet is fully in tune with the dynamics between her mother and house guests. If you don’t devote the majority of your attention to her pet, jealousy could take its toll.

Do not make her pet jealous. Do not give her pet any reason to be jealous.

Her pet is accustomed to being her center of attention. Keep it that way.

While you don’t have to go overboard, do make sure that her pet always feels special.

4. Down on Your Haunches

If everything goes accordingly, you will know when it’s right to bend down and touch her pet.

Make sure to bend down smoothly. No jerky movements, especially if she has a cat.

Remember: Cats are skittish. Puppies can be, too. Even really old dogs can be skittish.

Bend down on your haunches and say something encouraging to her pet.

Feel free to repeat “Good Boy/Girl” as many times as you want, so long as each time is sincere.

Or, in the case of a cat, make relaxed ticking sounds with your tongue, rub the edges of its mouth and under its chin – glandular sweet spots – and stay away from its belly.

Ask how old he/she is. Ask about its breed. Ask, “What’s his/her name?”

Show interest in the history of her pet.

Treat her pet like a human being because that’s what it is in her eyes,

a human being.

But whatever you do,

DO NOT ask if her pet is a boy or girl! Figure that out for yourself.

5. Walk and Treat

If you find yourself in trouble,

on the verge of being permanently scarred, but the situation is still redeemable,

you can always suggest a walk or treat. In the case of a dog,

those words are guaranteed to excite no matter how much her dog suspects you of ill intentions.

If she has a cat, more than likely the interaction will last a minute or two, if that,

and then her cat will go back to being a cat. So, make it count.

That said,

don’t be ashamed to carry a treat in your pocket.

In fact,

if you have a history of bad relationships with most cats and dogs,

it would behoove you to carry a treat.

A little something for insurance.

October 27, 2009 1:23 am

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