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DIY Furniture :: Foldschool Cardboard Designs


foldschool collectionfoldschool – a collection of DIY cardboard furniture. Patterns and a manual can be downloaded from their website for free!

“As a countermovement to mass culture that is run by superficiality the mindset of foldschool is to put product and consumer in a personal relationship by understanding craftsmanship as a direct approach to design.”

The concept of foldschool became the debut mass product from Swiss-based architect/designer Nicola Enrico Stäublire. It is based on sustainability playing out the qualities of a recycled material: folding a flat piece of cardboard according to ergonomic and formal considerations enhances its substandard value, generating a spatial structure.

The assembly of the furniture requires only easily available tools and devices: cutter, ruler, folding tool, cutting mat, spray adhesive, needle, glue and masking tape. Plus, it can be painted/collaged/covered to create a facade for those who might be understandably put off by the plain cardboard exterior. The beauty of each piece depends on the customization and creativity of each creator.

The collection consists of a stool, a chair, and a child’s rocker. Each piece is rated for construction difficulty and stability. The products are recommended for young folk, but I highly doubt that users are limited to the targeted audience. Doesn’t this just scream college dorm or weekend project for anyone else but me? I plan to try the stool before summer’s end and post my finished product. Which piece will you try?

July 22, 2009 12:27 am

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