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Literate People :: Twitter is a Waste of Your Potential, Guest Post on TOE Instead


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I’m going to step out on a limb and say that micro blogging has gotten out of control. On the one hand, it’s encouraging and comforting to see millions of people spending their time on the Internet, but to spend this time micro blogging in 140 characters or less when you could be crafting sentences, paragraphs, and subject matter is a waste of potential for all literate people.

Don’t try to tell me that it’s a challenge to fit everything you want to say into the 140- character limit because, let’s face it, most micro blog updates are either silly random quotes that have little meaning and no originality, promotions with compressed links, awkward text messages, or one-sided sweet nothings telling a world of strangers what you’re eating, reading, hearing, or watching.

And if you refuse to acknowledge the brain atrophy  that comes with micro blogging, then isn’t it painful (like a glorious failure) when the challenging update you just sent, the update that required a non-negligible percentage of brain usage, goes unnoticed?

How many abbreviated updates have been jilted in Twitter?  How many fallen unread and unanswered from our tweet streams?

It follows that the only reason people continue tweeting is because it cost nothing to tweet.  Tweets are worthless.

And yet micro blogging is increasing in popularity at ludicrous speed while old fashion blogging is on the down and out.

The deal breaker:  time.

Instead of spending an hour putting together cogent paragraphs, why not spend thirty seconds slopping together a tweet and move on with your day, or to another worthless update?

Of course this makes perfect sense for all you watch-wearers, but blogging shouldn’t be about time.  That’s never what blogging was about.

People didn’t start blogging because they were trying to save time.  If anything, literate people had way too much time to spare and wanted to be productive during these hours.  They chose sentence crafting as the best possible way to use this time because it counteracts the brain atrophy that results from sitting around doing passive activities like watching TV… or micro blogging.

That said, TOE wants to give you this opportunity to guest post.  It’ll grow your brain.

June 26, 2009 2:18 pm

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