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Télépopmusik’s Genetic World, Set to Breathe


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Female voice sings, “Another day, just believe.”

Water in a swimming pool.

Black and white flowers on designer high heels bloom into ankles and calves.

Bronze glabrous skin.

Same voice sings, “Another day, just breathe.”

Zoom In.

Acadia is the only person lounging in the shade of a parasol and two palms.

Acadia reads a magazine and sips on lemonade.

Acadia wears a baby blue top and no bottom.

Acadia has dark hair and pointy ears and silver polygon earrings.

Acadia draws her eyebrows on her face different each day.

Acadia wears a ring on her left ring finger.

Zoom Out.

Women in high heels and bikinis scattered poolside high up in the hills of Los Angeles.

Dope electronic beat drops out of the sky.

Man loosens his traps and swings his arms.

Sunbursts shadow half his face.

He crouches before the dive.

Couple supine on weaved mats.

Boyfriend rests on a white pillow.

Girlfriend eyes the other man.

Her hipbone cuts into the strap of her beige bikini bottom.

Lemonade brimful in their glasses.

Treed hilltops in the background.

Woman in black bikini on chaise lounge.

She wears a hat and sits still.

Man springs into the water.

His bathing suit skin tight, the color of skin.

His splayed legs make a splash that wets the black and white flowers.

Zoom In.

Jean Paul hears the dive but refuses to sit up and look.

His head rests on a white pillow.

He blinks.

The straps on his wife beater stretched from wear.

His hair cut short, parted on the left.

Zoom Out.

Man surfaces and starts doing laps.

Woman in black sits on her chaise lounge somewhat sinister.

Treed hills fill the backdrop.

Under the shade of her hat she looks up at the sky.

Jean Paul looks at a yellow butterfly.

Couple on mat are both supine now.

Three uneaten apples in a wicker bowl are within arm’s reach.

Woman in black lowers her chin and looks at Jean Paul.

Jean Paul sits up on his elbows and returns her stare.

His upper lip curls at the corner in disgust.

He shakes his head in disapproval and looks at three kid-girls frolicking on the grass wearing one-piece bathing suits.

Man is still doing freestyle laps in swimming pool.

Woman in black looks at shock blonde kid-girl doing hula hoop.

Woman with black and white flowers on designer high heels takes off her sunglasses.

She rubs her neck with the earpiece and blinks up at the sky.

Shock blonde kid-girl keeps the hula hoop going.

Behind her Amélie rolls a blue anti-burst stability ball along the grass.

She falls forward into it.

Her body bounces off the blue ball.

Jean Paul sees this lewd gesture.

He thinks, “She’s too young to be here.”

Her and her friends are four years old.

He furrows his brow and cannot watch this scene anymore.

Jean Paul falls back onto the white pillow and sees the butterfly again.

Bright yellow wings beat against blue sky.

Jean Paul reaches for the butterfly, snatches it from flight.

Concentration makes his face twitch.

From in between hula hoop girl and a toddler planted upright on the grass, Amélie shifts her attention as if possessed.

Amélie turns toward Jean Paul with a serious facial expression.

Amélie has pink thong sandals.

Amélie walks toward Jean Paul.

There is unused croquet equipment on the grass.

The hula hoop revolves around the shock blonde kid-girl’s waist.

Jean Paul drags his buttery captive toward him.

He feels the furry wings flutter-tickle the pillows of his palm.

Hint of a smile on his face.

Amélie stops and stands at attention, her arms hang straight down, her hands crunch into fists.

Amélie looks robotic.

Synthesized music tinkles from the sky.

Jean Paul turns his head on his pillow as he reels the butterfly down.

Zoom In.

Amélie has blush on her cheeks, glossy lipstick on her lips, and eyeshadow.

Amélie lowers her chin and slants her eyes upward.

Amélie has a thin collarbone.

Amélie marches toward Jean Paul.

Zoom Out.

Jean Paul smiles, oblivious of robot girl.

Sunbursts cast a shadow of his face onto the pillow.

He closes his eyes.

Amélie has a panel door between her shoulder blades.

Amélie marches toward the hilltops toward Jean Paul.

Jean Paul’s eyeball fidgets through his eyelid.

REM has carried him inside a subway car with twin-size beds for benches.

Eye twitch.

Outside on a heath, sheep graze under rusty stratus clouds.

Eye twitch.

Urban tram lines.

Eye twitch.

Field of wheat undulates golden.

Subway car screeches to a stop.

Crisscrossing wheat chaff.

Jean Paul smiles.

The mole on his cheek.

The straps on his wife beater are loose from wear.

Amélie stands over him.

Treed hills fill the backdrop.

Amélie gets down on bended knee, something cupped in her hands.

Jean Paul fast asleep, the hand that once held the butterfly captive is palm down by his side.

Glass of lemonade between him and Amélie.

Amélie lowers her other knee.

Woman in black looks out of the corners of her eyes at the proposal.

Rouged Amélie claps eyes with the woman in black determined to complete her mission.

She blinks and nods as if to say, “I got this.”

Woman in black blinks back as if to say, “Do the deed.”

Amélie opens the tiny phial in her palms and smacks green powder down into the lemonade.

Pudgy fingers.

Shock blonde kid-girl licks a red lollipop and plays dumb.

Amélie empties the phial and the lemonade looks just like lemonade.

Three pillows surround sleeping Jean Paul.

Amélie gathers her hair to one shoulder and gets on all four to wake him.

She nudges his chest.

Woman with black and white flowers on designer high heels glances in their direction.

Jean Paul sits up.

Amélie hands him lemonade.

Jean Paul takes it with the same hand he captured the yellow butterfly.

Woman in black watches calmly.

Evil Amélie.

Robotic Amélie.

Tiny phial conspicuous next to her.

Jean Paul slakes his thirst.

Boyfriend sits up next to his girlfriend.

Jean Paul finishes his sip, and Amélie swipes the tiny phial to better hide it.

Girlfriend gathers her hair in her hand and meets her boyfriend’s kiss.

Silver polygon earrings.

Woman in black tilts her head back and breathes.

Sunlight creeps up her chest.

Supine on his mat Jean Paul lets the lemonade spill.

His neck muscles relax and his head goes limp to the side.

Genetic World
Directed by Jordan Scott

April 30, 2012 9:41 pm

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