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Robert W Fogel Loves Health Care Spending


In a 2005 paper, Changes in the Physiology of Aging during the Twentieth Century, Robert Fogel wields economic theory and statistics to not only justify a steady increase in health care spending, but also suggest that we are tending towards a healthier world because of it.

The 1993 Nobel Laureate believes that his grandchildren will live during a time when the median length of life is over 100 years.

People clearly demand [will pay for] better health care, and as long as the health care industry continues thriving as it is, Fogel believes there will be a 2 year gain in life expectancy every 10 years. Who needs Ray Kurzweil when we have economics?

For more on this sharp and ineluctable curve towards immortality,

read here and here.

January 27, 2010 9:44 am

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