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Let the Sun Shine Tomorrow


Abandon logic and permit me this jog. I’ve been couped up for too long. My legs need to find circulation. And so I will write on TOE:

It rained all day today. Rained and rained. All day. Buckets of rain. I didn’t leave my apartment. Looked out the window lots, but never considered stepping foot outside. It was a luxury, not being obligated to do something outside on a rainy day. Just stay indoors. Finish my work inside, out of the rain, dry. I thought about the bums on the street. They weren’t so lucky. Yesterday, when the sun shined all day, the bums were free to sleep wherever they pleased. They lived like cats, yesterday, lounging in the sun, moving only to find food, tanning their honey bellies, itching their necks, licking their chops, meowing at passersby, slinking off to the beach, off to benches, sitting in the shade, imbibing. Yes, when the sun is out, bums live like cats. But when it’s not, when the clouds get in the way of light, when the streets flood with rain, the bums are reminded more than ever of their trials and tribulations. Rain is the mirror on the wall that reflects their hopelessness.

Rain is the mirror on the wall that reflects their hopelessness.

Let the sun shine tomorrow. Let everyone live oblivious of themselves


February 1, 2010 4:20 pm

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