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Water Heater Stolen & Household Hint


Clipping cut from the September 19th, 1946 issue of Grosse Pointe News:

grosse pointe news

Water Heater Stolen

A new hot water heater was stolen during the weekend from the new house being built at 36 Radnor circle for the Baker family, now of Buckingham road, Detroit. They expect to move into their new home later this month.


Household Hint

Never soak blankets before washing. Dirt can be removed by careful washing in heavy, lively soap suds. Agitate as little as possible, and follow with a thorough rinse.

Washers and dryers were still luxury items back then. About 60% of wired homes had them in the 1940s. And, not to state the obvious, new hot water heaters were in high demand.

February 26, 2010 6:13 pm

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