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Steal of the 2009 NFL Draft :: Pat White


Allow me to explain this choice that clearly goes against everything the primetime NFL “analysts” want you to think.

With the increasing size and speed of defenses, most managers and coaches want giant muscular signal-callers to line up under center.

Pat White, at 6 ft tall and under 200 lbs (I’m bigger than Pat White), would be the smallest starting quarterback in the league if he earns the title.

Aside from the size issue, I can’t seem to find a justifiable reason for him being considered a lesser prospect than the three quarterbacks taken in the first round.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe Matthew Stafford is a great young quarterback and that Josh Freeman is oozing with potential, and that Mark Sanchez will be a great leader some day, but none of these guys have started 40 collegiate games, won four bowl games, or been in the running for the Hiesman.

White is clearly the most accomplished and decorated quarterback in FBS history. He holds more records than Motown, and has won just about every award he was eligible for. Apart from being the MVP of three straight bowl games, he was also the senior bowl MVP. Leading a bunch of three- and four-star recruits to four consecutive bowl victories isn’t easy. He is the first and only player to do so. He guided the Mountaineers to a 34-8 record as a starter, 1st in WVU history and 6th all time.

If talking about his resume doesn’t get Dolphins fans’ attention, maybe comparisons to Michael Vick will. I’m not saying you can mark White down for the pro-bowl, but his sub 4.5 40-time will group him with the fallen falcon.

Vick gave us 6 electrifying seasons of scrambling that had never been seen before, and Vick didn’t have the benefit of the Wildcat formation during his rookie season. White may be a hair slower, but I feel that his passing game is more polished coming out of college. By the way, Michael Vick and Pat White are the same size. The most glaring difference between the two? Character. Pat White has an unsoiled name and a squeaky clean reputation.

His legs will get him in the league, but it’s his arm he needs to work on if he is going to become a starter. Far from ready, the Wildcats will give White extra time during important games to mature his passing game.

He is just an experiment now, but this Dolfan is expecting great things to come from this 2nd-rounder.

May 22, 2009 3:27 pm

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