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I have this file I keep handy in my Documents folder.

It started out as a way to organize my passwords.

But now, after months of accretion,

Everything Computer.txt is not only a place where I keep my passwords organized,

but also my home address, sample html, simple scripts I sometimes run, prose, words and haikus I like, quotes, statistics, and

biographical information.

My portable giga power makes a file like this possible, and therefore helpful.

Not only that.

Everything Computer.txt is, I am beginning to realize, a work of art

in the same way as Kerouac’s Some of the Dharma is a work of art.

Here, let me give you an example:

Embedded somewhere in the middle of my file,

which is perfectly searchable using ⌘F,

is the following progression of data.

Nine Things I Learned Yesterday

1.  People with eating disorders typically have a healthy coat of lanugo, which is the soft downy peach fuzz on the face, back, and arms.
2.  Lily Allen has a third nipple.
3. Treat your heart well.
4. Some people actually like Thomas Kinkade

Only the educated are free.
— Epictetus

Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.
— Edward Everett

The highest result of education is tolerance.
— Helen Keller

A progression of data. A bar of musical notes.

Data plays notes. Notes translate data into music.

Funny that ever since I took the time to include this passage in

Everything Computer.txt

I haven’t had any of these thoughts again.

But today, for some reason, Epictetus’s quote strikes a perfect C,

which is perhaps the only note that I can sound.

Only the educated are free.

In what sense, Epictetus, are ONLY the educated free?

How do you, Epictetus, obtain an education?

Are birds free, Epictetus, are fish free?

Are trees free, Epictetus, are flowers free?

By the way, just so you know,

what you’re reading right now was first written in

Everything Computer.txt,

which is an organic file,

perhaps the most organic file ever, and it’s all created by the hands of a free man.

Yes, Epictetus, I declare myself free.

October 31, 2009 12:18 pm

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