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Graphic Design 101 :: Ebook Covers

Tiny TOE Press

Finally. Sorry to keep you waiting.

We’re happy to present the ebook covers for our Fall 2013 releases.

Here are poster versions to hang around your city:


After reading these books, you’ll see the subtlety in these covers.

Things will pop out at you like in hollusions.

Who is that solitary crow,

enclosed within the walls of a towering city,

caught in the cross hairs of society?

& what is that washed up on the sand,

covered with seaweed,

with nothing but the horizon to gaze at while high tide shimmers and rolls in?

If you’re curious about how they’ll function as thumbnails:


We’re still hard at work on carving the linocuts,

which will be used to print the covers for the handpressed editions,

which you can preorder for $10 directly from us.

Nurture your community.

Shop indie.

Tiny TOE Press Fall 2013 Preorder

May 31, 2013 7:10 pm

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