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Fighters End Up Cellmates


Clipping cut from the September 19th, 1946 issue of Grosse Pointe News:

grosse pointe news

Veterans Tangle On Mack Avenue, But It Was All Very Friendly

When farms police broke up a fight in front of a Mack avenue bar early in the morning of September 14, they thought it expedient to lock up one of the group for the night. He had been doing a little more drinking than the others.

The quartet told the police they were all veterans, and what is more, all good friends. They had merely gotten into an argument in the bar and gone outside to shove each other around a little… all in fun.

The friendship angle was given credence when shortly after, a second member of the quartet appeared at police headquarters. He wanted a bed for himself, so he could go home with his friend in the morning.

The police were very obliging and according to all reports the veterans had a good night’s sleep.

That’s mighty kind of the second member of the quartet. But, if you ask the cynic in me, I think he just needed a cozy place to sleep for the night.

December 10, 2009 9:12 am

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