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Emenai, Master Pen Spinner, Plays Cubefield without Cheats


I’m happy to report that Emenai is no longer a stranger to TOE.  That’s right, he has come out of hiding.  I know that he would like to retract his words, but we got him on record:

u cant just steal stuff without say from where they come. texpat, im crazed? come to oftersheim, i will nihilate u. myrjellyfish dont know what ur talking about. fiu??????? f u!!!!!!!

To fill you in, the master pen spinner from Germany turned out to be a loyal listener of WVUM 90.5, as well as a stickler for proper citation of sources.  As such, he took issue with TOE failing to credit the University of Miami’s radio station for use of their phrase, Keep it locked on The Voice.  He went so far as to threaten us if we didn’t give credit where credit was due.  A reasonable demand, and we stand corrected.

Emenai, feeling good about rectifying our methods, has gone back into hiding, his job done.  Once again, all we have as evidence of his humble existence is his vault of video clips that testify to a preternatural dexterity.  First pen spinning and now Cubefield.

Just to give you an idea of how good Emenai is at Cubefield, I submitted the popular arcade to the Reddit WebGames community to see how they would fare.

After numerous attempts none of the self-professed gamers were able to come close to Emenai’s top score of 972,205 even after playing on a “slow computer, with no graphics acceleration, and the browser full-screen”, which, so I hear from all the Cubefield cheaters out there – yeah, you all know who you are, thinking you’re smooth because you can hold down the right arrow key – makes the lighting-fast Cubefield a “crawwwwl.”

Here’s Emenai playing Cubefield on his MacBook Pro, using left and right arrow keys as needed.  Enjoy:

To see how you rank against Emenai, play Cubefield here.  You should note that there is no end game; the same levels just get faster and faster.

March 30, 2009 2:38 pm

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