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Deep Thought #6


It’s nice writing next to a Christmas tree. Just having a Christmas tree inside your house is nice. It smells up the place. Makes it merry. And then you turn on the white Christmas lights and you’re suddenly in Winter wonderland. Such an easy way to brighten up your time on Earth. I highly suggest getting a Christmas tree. It doesn’t have to be crazy. A manageable tree will do, prim and modest in proportions. Welcome a Christmas tree into your house. Bring a chunk of nature into your house. Let it live there. Let it care for you. And don’t forget to care for it. Decorate and dress it. Live around it. Let it witness another side of life. Make the relationship between you and your Christmas tree symbiotic. Mutually beneficially. I will be sad when the tree leaves. But that’s the price the tree pays for being transported. What if I were suddenly uprooted, taken from my home and plopped down somewhere else entirely, where I did not belong, where I could not thrive. Why would anything like this happen to me?

December 19, 2009 4:05 pm

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