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Kerouac – Chris Hickey


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In March, I wrote and recorded a song, each day, for about three weeks. The result is “Razzmatazz” – 16 songs, just vocal & guitar, recorded in my bedroom on a hand-held voice recorder.

Here’s a link to listen to or download “Kerouac” from the new CD:


Thanks! – Chris Hickey

Chris Hickey has three previous solo records, was a member of the bands “Uma” and “Show of Hands”, and has appeared on records by Joe Henry, Michael Penn, Indigo Girls, and more.


Chris:  Dig the song for its accuracy – Buddhist loving alcoholic / On the Road on a scroll / scar tissue liver stop functioning / beat genius writer poet buried in Lowell 47 years old – as well as its minimalism.  Thanks for the link!

August 1, 2009 5:05 pm

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