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Living with Indoor Animals Makes You Happy


It’s pleasant living with indoor animals. It’s also educational. Helpful even, like having the opportunity to live with Buddha,

to watch and learn from a living thing that instinctively knows precisely how to be comfortable, how to be forever stretched to ∞, like a baby blue blanket

blowing in the wind.

I’d venture to say that when most of us vacation, we cannot find the quality of comfort an indoor animal always exemplifies.

Think about it: an animal who doesn’t have to perform it’s primary instinct, which is to safeguard it’s life, this animal knows what it means to be comfortable, to live far

away from anxiety and unhappiness.

Most of us on vacation can’t walk that far away from our discontent, even if it’s a tiny dot, even if our discontent is impossible to find

under the microscope, covered and rubbed away by years of blind jubilation.

Even these among us, these emoticons of happiness, these :-), can’t walk that far away from their anxieties and unhappiness.

That’s because when on vacation, when somewhere deep in our dreams, even there, in the land of bliss, we reflect on sadness. On sad things.

There are many. No reason to deny that there are many sad things. But that doesn’t affect the Buddha in your home, sleeping fully in the most

comfortable place you’ve ever seen, a place that, to be honest, you’ve never truly seen. How could you have missed it?

March 5, 2010 4:20 am

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