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Grosse-Exaggerations by A. Pryor


Clipping cut from the September 19th, 1946 issue of Grosse Pointe News:

grosse pointe news

Will music lovers please give us any information they can about the following incident… We attended a small dinner party recently and spent the evening listening to some deeevine recordings on the radio. One was a number done by Bing Crosby and the the Andrews Sisters. After it was over, our host (who we have always thought of as a rather bright gent), remarked, “That harmony of the Andrews Sisters is so good it sounds like one person.” We felt as if a gremlin had walked into the room and we’re SURE we looked it! Just as we were about to ignore the whole thing, he went on… “Who IS that singer on the radio who sings such good harmony?”

It takes a lot of people to make a world; it takes two to make a fight and the saying goes that it takes three to make a crowd. In our day it took two or more to make with “harmony”… or are we being old fashioned in this atomic age?

What age are we in now?

August 10, 2009 5:21 pm

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